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23 Mar How To Achieve Holistic Digital Transformation

What is the future of digital? Will it be shaped by social media, mobile, or another digital innovation?

No matter what the consumer trends are, the future of digital shares a common thread – the need for brands and organisations to digitally transform. Digital transformation is being increasingly bandied around as a new term; it is not. We have been helping executives with similar challenges for over 15 years through our digital transformation training.

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23 Mar Driving Your Business Forward Through Digital Transformation - Part III


In the first and second articles in our S.P.A.R.C.S. series, we introduced you to three elements which form the heart of the S.P.A.R.C.S. framework: ambition, revenue and results.

In this article, we focus on the ‘C’ of S.P.A.R.C.S. - Culture and discuss five cultural barriers to digital transformation that we’ve seen across different organisations. We then offer some recommendations on how to overcome them.

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23 Mar An Inside Look Into Our Digital Marketing Trainings

Businesses often say they want to achieve digital transformation or become more ‘digital’, but are not specific or vivid enough in their ambition. This leaves their teams on the ground unsure of how to execute this digital change. The result? Digital transformation fails to make the transition from a set of PowerPoint slides to organisational reality.

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23 Mar Watch Now: S.P.A.R.C.S. Your Way Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a change management process where you use digital technologies and data to improve your business by better engaging stakeholders and customers.

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4 Jan 7 Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Become Future-Ready

At FutureMarketer, we are dedicated to helping business leaders and marketing practitioners win in a world shaped by digital marketing and innovation. Our digital marketing courses in Singapore will help you navigate the seemingly intimidating realm of digital.

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28 Dec 6 Ways To Become A Future-Ready Marketer

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21 Dec What is Return on Learning (ROL) and Why Does it Matter?

Have you struggled to deliver ROI on a digital experiment?

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14 Dec 3 Reasons To Sign Up Your Employees For A Digital Marketing Course

Why a digital marketing workshop today will increase your marketing ROI
What percentage of their budget do you think companies spend on digital marketing channels?

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4 Oct Digital Transformation: Who Should Lead It?

Is digital transformation a top-down or bottom-up process?

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4 Oct Digital Transformation: How To Structure Your Organisation

Our CEO, Taru Jain, recently attended the CMO 3.0 event organised by Ctrl/Shift on the ever-evolving role of marketers in the digital era. During his talk, he spoke about digital transformation with leading marketers in the Asia Pacific region.

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