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4 Jan 7 Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Become Future-Ready

At FutureMarketer, we are dedicated to helping business leaders and marketing practitioners win in a world shaped by digital marketing and innovation. Our digital marketing courses in Singapore will help you navigate the seemingly intimidating realm of digital.

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1 Feb How This Marketer Closed a Six-Figure Deal Thanks to Google AdWords Training

Do you want to secure new and profitable customers? If yes, you might think you need to be an exceptional digital marketer to make it happen. That’s true, but we believe it also requires being an equally exceptional salesperson. At FutureMarketer, we recommend you equip yourself with both digital marketing and sales skills to close more deals in 2016.

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4 Jan 6 Quick Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line Through Web Analytics

According to SPRING, there are 180,000 small businesses in Singapore, which make up 99% of all enterprises on the island. Chances are your company is one of those small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That means you’re in a highly competitive field and you should ensure your digital marketing campaigns are giving you the edge you need. At FutureMarketer, we want to help you maximise the impact of your digital marketing.

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4 Jan How Google Analytics Can Make You A Better Digital Marketer

Do you know how to turn digital analytics data into profitable insights? If not, don’t fret. Google Analytics can help you better understand your online visitors so you can convert them into customers.

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